Join us on October 25th for an array of classes for youth and adults! Our Survival Practical Skills Day will feature Survival 101 for Youth and Adults, Emergency First-Aid Practicum, and Emergency Shelter-Building Challenge sessions. Join expert Survivalist and Quest Tactical Instructor Hakim Isler, featured on Discovery’s “Naked and Afraid” and get some great skills. Register now!
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Wilderness Skills Classes

Have you ever wanted to learn what it would take or to see if you had what it takes to survive in the wilderness? Our Wilderness Skills class will teach you the fundamentals of staying alive and getting found (or not) in the wild. Topics of our classes include:

  • Survival Skills Crash Course
  • Wilderness First Aid (Red Cross WFA Certification)
  • Emergency Fire Making
  • Land Navigation
  • Camouflage Skills
  • Knife Skills
  • Automobile Survival
  • Building an Emergency Kit
  • Wild Edible Foods
  • Tracking
  • Shelter building

Upcoming Classes:


Personal Concealment Classes

Learn the fundamentals of wilderness invisibility! This class covers the elements of effective camouflage, learning how to eliminate the trademark signatures that draw attention to your position, construction of a makeshift ghillie suit, and how to make a hide/cache site. To attend this class, you will need:

  • Mesh Net (Michael’s Craft Store)
  • Burlap or jute string
  • Veg clippers
  • Pocket knife
  • Boonie style hat
  • Earthy tone clothes (that you don’t mind getting dirty!)
  • Camo face paint (optional)

Tracking and Camouflage Challenge (Youth 8+ and Adults)

Tracking and Camouflage Challenge features two tracks.  You can choose between our Camouflage section or the Wilderness Tracking section.   Students in the Camo section will learn to use materials available in the woods to create hidesights and to conceal their movements.   Students in the Tracking section will receive basic training in identifying signs that large animals (or humans) have been moving in a forest environment, and on spotting natural and human-constructed camouflage in the woods.   After an hour of instruction, the groups will have the opportunity to test their skills in several rounds of “hide and seek.”    This class is a appropriate for adults and youth (aged 8+)

Required and Optional Materials:

    • Sturdy outdoor clothing appropriate to the weather in camo pattern or natural colors.
    • Camouflage students may also bring homemade or purchased ghillie suits or other camouflage clothing and accessories.
    • Water, writing materials to take notes, and a camp chair or stool.
    • Bug spray and sunscreen.


Wilderness Skills Camps

Your child will learn the priorities of survival and how to signal for rescue in a safe, fun, and hands-on environment. Quest Solutions has partnered with several schools to offer week-long Survival/Wilderness Skills camps. The instructors carry the students through first-aid scenarios, leadership training, survival shelter construction, emergency preparedness kit components, and wilderness safety. Everything that your child will learn will be age and experience level appropriate. Currently Durham Academy, the Duke School, and Woods Charter School host our Summer Camp options. Please check here for schedule and camp availability.

Survival Parties

Want a unique party for your child’s birthday, bachelor(ette) party or other event? Our Survival experts can come to your location or you can join us at our training site, known as the “Jungle” for an afternoon of Wilderness Adventure Training. Our parties are a mix of skills practice and games that are sure to create lasting memories for the guest of honor and their guests! Our parties are easily customizable from pure survival skills to “capture the flag” to “Wilderness Adventures”.

Private Instruction

Our expert instructors are available to provide one-on-one or small-group training as a one-time instructional session or for ongoing training. Quest Tactical Solutions is proud to have provided Hakim Isler with extensive training prior to his experience on Discovery Networks “Naked and Afraid” program. Private instruction is available for people with all levels of survival and wilderness skills. Also please be aware that we can provide private instruction and custom courses for you, your office, church, family, scout group, hunting club, or Zombie Hunting team. Contact us for more information!