Privately held and based out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Quest Tactical Solutions combines top-notch personnel with the education, experience, and resources to offer firearms training, wilderness/survival programs and security services. At Quest our vision is to serve our clients to the fullest extent by positively securing their most valuable assets and preparing them for, and protecting them against, all possible threats. We are currently licensed in the State of North Carolina and are fully insured and bonded. Our motto is simple – If you aren’t part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. Let us train you or your team to be part of the solution!

Staff and Training Cadre

W. Hardee Merritt

Active in the Security industry, Mr. Merritt has owned Quest Tactical Solutions, a security and security-training business for more than six years. As a skilled instructor, Mr. Merritt has extensive experience training law enforcement and military personnel. Among his areas of instructional expertise are: tactical operations, security operations, PSD, defensive tactics, small-weapons handling and close quarters combat. Mr. Merritt demonstrates a consistently positive, professional demeanor at all times. His adaptability allows him to evaluate events quickly and provide innovative training solutions for unique situations or conditions that his students may need to deal with in their work.

Wesley “Wes” Massey

Co-Owner of Quest Tactical Solutions, Mr. Massey has been involved in the security and security-training industry for almost ten years. From site-security, asset protection, VIP transport, close and executive protection, and surveillance to an array of firearms and emergency-preparedness instruction, Mr. Massey delivers reliable, expert services across the board. Among his areas of instructional expertise are: pistol, rifle, and shotgun use, from fundamentals for new shooters to advanced combat techniques; Emergency Preparedness, covering all areas of urban and outdoor/wilderness survival scenarios; and pre-incident indicators and human behavior analysis. Mr. Massey’s calm, easygoing, consistently professional attitude and impressive depth and breadth of knowledge makes him an ideal instructor, and the most dependable asset on the ground in complex or high-risk security scenarios.

Jeff Daughtry

An active-duty Sheriff’s deputy in Durham County, Mr. Daughtry has many years of experience teaching firearms classes for law-enforcement and civilians as well as law-enforcement tactics, hand-to-hand combat, and related courses.

William Johnson

Mr. Johnson is currently a SFC with the 82nd Airborne stationed at Fort Bragg and is certified as a U.S. Army Level IV Tactical Combatives Instructor. Mr. Johnson has trained and prepared thousands of soldiers for combat, and trained numerous civilians and law-enforcement personnel in hand-to-hand and personal defense techniques over the course of his career so far.

Hakim Isler

Extreme survivalist and successful participant in the program Naked and Afraid Mr. Isler is experienced with primitive-shelter-building, water purification, fire starting, primitive tool making, stalking and trapping, hand to hand combat.

Hakim Isler was born and raised in New Jersey. He now resides in North Carolina, where he stayed after his honorable exit from the US Army. Hakim continued to gain knowledge of the outdoors during his survival and evasion training as a member of the Army Special Operations Forces. Upon exiting the military, he maintained his interest in outdoor survival and went on to train at Quest Tactical Solutions, where he is an assistant instructor. Hakim’s personal mission is to educate all who want to learn, but especially minorities in wilderness and urban survival. After the devastating storms of hurricane Katrina and Sandy, both of which affected Hakim’s family, Hakim realized that the Americans living in these areas found themselves grossly unprepared and uneducated in self-reliance skills. This reinforced his quest to become better at self-reliance and improve his survival skills. Outreach and education in self-reliance and empowerment are Hakim’s goals in life. Hakim is also a published author of the book
Modern Hand to Hand Combat.

Bryan Griffin

A former Marine Sniper, and current hand-to-hand combat and personal defense instructor, Bryan Griffin teaches firearms, camouflage and tracking, and outdoor survival skills.

Shawn Malloy

Shawn has served for fourteen years in the US.Army, he is a disabled Veteran who has had multiple combat tours and UN peacekeeping operations overseas. He is a Close-Quarters, Small Unit, Long range shooting, defensive pistol and carbine instructor, a US.Army Sniper and a Department Of State Defensive Marksman, and is Personal Protection certified. Mr. Malloy has instructed U.S Air Force special operations weapons and Sniper tactics for deploying soldiers going to Afghanistan and Iraq.

Security Services

Quest Tactical Solutions offers a variety of services that can be crafted into a customized security package tailored to meet your unique needs. The result is a security presence that not only protects your people, premises, assets, and information, but one that also enhances the very image and atmosphere of your company and site. We can provide alarm response, unarmed/armed security officers, mobile patrols, event security and secretary/concierge personnel. Trust us to protect your personnel, your property and your peace of mind.

Firearms Training

Quest Tactical Solutions provides firearm training at our private shooting range in Mebane. Quest offers the North Carolina Concealed Carry Certification Course as well as two other classes. There is also a Basic Pistol class perfect for beginning shooters, prospective buyers, or those wanting to familiarize themselves with a pistol and a Drill & Skills class for intermediate shooters who would like to become a safer and more accurate marksman.

Survival Programs

Quest Tactical Solutions caters to those in community who would like to learn what it takes to survive in the wilderness. We offer a variety of Wilderness Skills Classes covering such topics as: Wilderness First Aid, Emergency Fire Making, Land Navigation, Camouflage Skills, etc. These classes can be customized for birthday parties, office team builds, or any group looking for an inventive, interactive and educational experience.